A few tips for cooking fish with meal kits.

When you make healthy meal delivery services part of your weekly meal planning, then there’s a good chance that you may want to try a fish recipe or two. These delicious meals are easy to prepare and will include step-by-step instructions, but we thought it’d be a good idea to take the time to explain how to cook fish for a perfectly tasty dish.

Use the Proper Heat

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you’re using the proper amount of heat. If you’re cooking skin-on fish fillets, for instance, using a higher heat level is the best choice because it will sear the fish. The same is true when you’re grilling. However, if you’re poaching the fish, then it’s best to use lower heat, with the poaching liquid at a low simmer instead of a rolling boil.

Always Stay Hands-On

The truth is that any type of meat can quickly get away from you when you’re not paying attention, leading to cooking it longer than you should. This can be especially true for certain types of fish that can be prone to charring when left unattended. You can easily prevent this by staying close to the stove and paying attention to the fish while it’s cooking.

Grill the Thicker Cuts 

If you’re cooking up thick cuts of tuna, salmon, halibut, or swordfish, your best bet is to grill it. Grilling thicker cuts will give you better results whereas grilling leaner fish may cause issues, especially if you’re not an expert. If you want to grill smaller fish, it’s recommended you use a fish grill basket to achieve the best results.

Steam for More Flavor

If you’re planning to steam or poach your fish, then you have tons of options to improve its flavor. There are many different types of ingredients to choose from such as soy sauce, lemongrass, tomatoes, herbs, wine, etc. You can also stuff a whole fish with ingredients like garlic, citrus, and herbs prior to cooking, which will not only smell pleasant but will really bring out the flavor.

Start Skin-Side Down

Pan frying is a common way to cook fish, but not everyone does it the right way. You always want to start with the side of the fish that has the skin.

This will allow you to sear the skin before flipping it over. When done the other way, it’s common for the fish to cook unevenly and possibly get a bit burned on one side. To do this properly, wait until the skin side sticks to the pan just a little, and then flip it over.

Use the Right Spatula

If you’re cooking a large fish but using a small spatula, then the fish may fall apart when you attempt to flip it over. The easiest solution is to purchase a long, wide spatula that will easily fit under most fish fillets. If you find yourself in a bind, however, then you can use a pair of spatulas to get the job done. It’s also best that you only flip the fish once, if possible.

Score for Even Cooking

When you’re serving up a large fish either in the oven or on the grill, you can help it cook more evenly by scoring it, which means cutting a few slashes on one side. This is also a nifty spot to place aromatics such as garlic cloves or citrus slices. Scoring is also beneficial when poaching because it prevents the fish from curling during the cooking process.

Moisten Fish If Needed

If you tend to end up with fish sticking to the pan, then it’s a good idea to moisten it up a bit. There are a variety of techniques that you can use for this, but most people swear by melted butter or olive oil and lemon juice. Not only will this help prevent the fish from getting stuck, but it will also melt in your mouth that much easier. Just don’t use too much butter or olive oil so that the fish stays as healthy as possible.

Test to See if the Fish is Done Cooking

Before you take the fish out of the pan or off the grill, use a skewer or even a cake tester to give it a little poke. If the skewer easily slips through, that means it’s done. For a rarer fillet, you’ll get just a little bit of resistance when you reach the middle. Also, keep in mind that your fish will continue to cook for a minute or two after you remove it from the heat, so it’s often better to remove it a wee bit early.

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