Get your loved ones a Chef Ami subscription this holiday season!

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for family members or friends, then look no further than meal kit gift cards. To give you an idea of why adding these to your shopping list is such a great idea, we’ve come up with some of our favorite reasons why meal kit subscriptions are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and beyond.

Meal Kit Subscriptions for the Holidays: Healthy Eating Is a Wonderful Gift

Is there really any better holiday gift than a person’s health? Meal kits may not be able to change a person’s entire lifestyle, but it does promote healthy eating habits. It’s great for people who are focused on eating healthy proteins, staying low on calories, or simply controlling their food intake as a general rule. They’ll even have opportunities to order plant-based meals if that’s something they’re interested in.

It’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Taking out a loved one for a single meal at their favorite restaurant is a wonderful gesture, but meal kit subscriptions allow you to spread the love for multiple weeks. Depending on how much you’d like to spend, you may be even able to stretch it out for several months. Chef Ami, for instance, offers gift cards up to a value of $250, which will give even a family of four several meals to enjoy.

Helps Support the Local Farmers and Community

Many people are looking for new and exciting ways to support their community, and one of those ways is to purchase locally sourced food. Our meal kit subscriptions include local ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and some meats. This is a wonderful opportunity to support not only local farmers in the area or in nearby communities, but you and the gift recipient will also be supporting drivers, packers, and other workers too.

Works as Cooking Lessons

Sending a bunch of home-cooked meals right to your loved one’s door is reason enough to order a meal kit subscription, but that’s only one of the benefits. Each meal includes easy-to-follow recipe cards that will help even a cooking novice make a delicious meal for them and/or their family. Meal kits turn into cooking lessons that they can continue even beyond the kits themselves.

Plenty of Meal Kit Food Choices

With many holiday gifts, what the person receives is very finite. If they receive a coffee maker, for instance, then a coffee maker is exactly what they get.

Meal kit subscriptions work a lot differently. Each week, the gift recipient is given access to multiple types of meals to choose from. Depending on the amount of the gift card, this could equal a few different meal choices or even a dozen or more.

The Process Is Quick and Easy

If the person you’re sending the gift to isn’t accustomed to food subscription boxes, that’s perfectly okay. Ordering meal kits is a very simple process. The person will set up an account, choose the meal they’d like to get, enter the gift card information, and then place the order. After the first time, the process will only take a few minutes with each order and then all they need to do is sit back and wait for their kit to arrive at their doorstep.

They’ll Get to Try New Recipes

Human beings are creatures of habit. Although we might venture into a new restaurant every once awhile, grocery shopping often becomes a robotic affair where we’re choosing the same meals week after week. Meal kits offer a variety of foods that some people may have never even heard of before. This will give your loved ones an opportunity to try something new.

Perfect Family Time Opportunity

Meal kits are perfect for everyone whether the person lives alone or has a huge family. If the latter is true, then gifting them with a meal kit subscription is even better. Not only does this make meal planning easier for them, but they can also fix the recipes together as a family. It’s a great way to share an activity that’s both fun and educational.

Contact Chef Ami for Meal Kit subscriptions for the Holidays 

Chef Ami offers meal kit delivery in Tampa, Gainesville, and the surrounding communities. If you have any questions about our meal kit subscriptions or would like to sign up, check out our menu and give us a call at (813) 773-4719 today.