Why are local ingredients the best option for meal kits?

Meal kit companies are all about convenience and quality. By selecting the number of meals per week that you receive, you can get a better handle on your household’s meal planning. You’ll also get some wonderfully tasty meals out of it!

To help ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, reputable our meal kits are using local vendors for our ingredients. Today, we’re going to discuss several reasons why locally sourced ingredients are better for meal kits.

The Ingredients Are Fresh

It can often take several days and sometimes maybe even a couple of weeks for produce and other food items to reach you, which means they might not always be fresh. By dealing with local farms, you can be sure that the food will be high-quality and as fresh as possible. This gives healthy meal kits an advantage over meal kit companies that strictly use non-local corporations in an attempt to make their processing of the kits easier.

Supports the Local Community

Everyone wants to support the local community but many people are at a total loss as to how to accomplish this. The good news is that every time you order from a meal kit company that uses locally sourced ingredients, you’re helping local farmers and workers. This includes the entire supply chain from the people who harvest the food to those who drive it to its destination. It’s a great way to keep your local economy thriving.

Packed with Nutrition

Each meal kit is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals while staying low on sodium and calories. A big reason for this is because food from local sources often have a focus on nutrition and the kits can be offered for various dietary restrictions such as being vegan or gluten-free. You can also choose from a few different types of protein with most meals, which gives you even more control.

Uses Fewer Chemicals

A big goal of healthy meal kits is to deliver organic ingredients whenever possible. Locally sourced ingredients will typically use fewer chemicals in the growing and protection of their produce, along with meat that reaches a higher standard of quality and humane care. This means that your food will be safer, better for the environment, and more socially conscious.

Saves on Fossil Fuels

It might be strange at first glance to think that using locally sourced food could cut down on fossil fuels, but it’s absolutely true. In many cases, food that you get from the grocery store or a local restaurant has traveled a very long way, which means that the trucks transporting the food are using a lot of gas. With locally sourced ingredients, the food doesn’t have to travel very far to get from the farm to your table.

Avoids Contamination

The food industry is well-regulated to avoid contamination, but it does happen from time to time. The more people who come in contact with food, the higher the chance that it will get contaminated along the way. This has become a huge concern in the past two years for obvious reasons. Since meal delivery kits have a shorter supply chain and route then other delivery setups, there’s less chance of contamination.

Quality Control Is Easier

When places like grocery stores and restaurants receive their supplies, it’s often from companies that are quite far away. This can create a kind of impersonal relationship where the people purchasing the food are detached from those who harvest it. By keeping a close relationship with local vendors, meal kit delivery companies are able to maintain a tighter quality control system.

No Second Guessing

When you go to the grocery store and purchase food items like fresh produce and meats, you often have no idea exactly where they came from. It’s difficult to tell if the produce came from a local supplier or a big conglomerate. When working with meal kits that have deals with local vendors, you never have to second-guess if the food is high-quality or where it came from. A reputable meal kit company will work hard to ensure that it’s always the best.

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