How to deal with picky eaters? Meal kits are your best choice.

Although having a picky eater in your household isn’t the end of the world, it can certainly be a hassle as you struggle with how to balance daily meals with their food preferences. With the help of a meal kit delivery service and a few simple tips, you can alleviate the problem:

Gives Them a Variety of Food

While it’s true that picky eaters often dislike a wide range of food selections, it’s still a good idea to give them a variety. This will allow them to try different meals so they can be introduced to foods they’re not accustomed to. Given the wide range of meal kits available, a picky eater may discover something they like from time to time.

“Tricks” Them Into Trying Healthy Food

When dealing with a picky eater, you often have to get inventive. It’s not too dissimilar from getting your dog to take his or her medicine by hiding it inside a piece of meat. Healthy meal kit delivery services will often mix in veggies with proteins and seasonings, which may alter the taste of something your child might not like very much and make it into something new.

Meal Recipes Have Been Tested

The recipes used for a meal kit delivery service aren’t just thrown together haphazardly. Just like with a restaurant or fast food item, meal recipes have been taste-tested and tweaked repeatedly until they reach a certain quality. This increases the chance that your picky eater will find the selections palatable and – in some cases – quite delicious.

Protein Alternatives Are Available

As with most meals, a meal kit delivery uses a protein as its base food. If your child doesn’t like a certain protein such as chicken breast or turkey, they may enjoy the meal with an alternative such as mahi-mahi or steak. You can also play around with these protein alternatives to determine what they might like has a routine part of their diet.

They Can Help with Meal Prep

There’s a strange phenomenon that happens when a child who’s typically a picky eater can help with prepping the meal. It’s almost like their sense of pride that they felt in helping out overcomes their tendency to be picky. Even if it’s a food item that they don’t think they’ll enjoy, they could very well “power through” and then decide that they like it.

Allows Them to Try New Stuff

The reason a child often becomes a picky eater is because he or she eats the same types of foods repeatedly. This can stunt their taste buds and make anything out of the ordinary seem undesirable. With a meal kit delivery service, the picky eater in your family will be exposed to more items, which may prompt them to discover something new to enjoy.

Helps Create an Eating Routine

One of the best things you can do to dissuade a child from being picky is to create an eating routine. By sticking to a routine, this will reduce the chances of eating snacks all day, which can run their appetite. Avoiding this problem will often make them hungry and lead to a strong likelihood that they’ll try a new dish whenever it pops up.

More Helpful Tips for Picky Eaters

Meal kit delivery for picky eaters are a great way to help curtail some of a child’s tendency to be a picky eater.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Don’t Force a Meal or Snack — Power struggles at the dinner table will typically lead to little else than a child digging in their heels and refusing to eat. Contrary to what you might think, a child won’t allow themselves to starve, so being overly forceful is likely to be a waste of time and effort.
  • Don’t Bribe Your Child to Eat — If a child refuses to eat, the last thing you want to do is bribe them with any kind of reward, including dessert. All this will accomplish is a situation where they’ll expect a reward for every meal, which can create an undesirable power dynamic.
  • Avoid Making a Separate Meal — It doesn’t hurt to offer a variety of food selections such as different side veggies, but you definitely don’t want to become a short-order cook. Allowing a picky eater to dictate multiple types of meals will only exacerbate the problem.
  • Minimize Potential Distractions — Minimizing distractions can help your child focus on the taste of the food and discover something they enjoy. This means no TV and no texting.

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