What are some of the main benefits of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service?

Whether you’ve subscribed to a meal kit delivery service in the past or have been dragging your heels a bit, now is a great time to get started! We could be here all day rattling off the amazing benefits that meal kit services provide, but let’s focus on a handful of the most important pros:

Quick Doorstep Delivery

As any college kid will tell you, nothing beats having food delivered to your doorstep. With meal kits, though, it becomes a family affair where you get to cook at home and not worry about going out so often. You can spend more time with your family, a partner, or stay home by yourself and enjoy a quiet, convenient meal.

Less Grocery Shopping

Going to the grocery store isn’t a bad thing, but many of us tend to go far too often. By having healthy meals delivered to your door a few times a week or even once a week, you won’t need to run up to the store as much. This is especially true since the meals are pre-portioned and all you need to keep handy is salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Fresh, Local Ingredients

By infusing our meal kits with locally sourced food, you can be sure that you’re being presented with delicious, healthy meals every time. Very often, the ingredients have been grown and harvested using fewer chemicals, and they’ll arrive at your door fresh and fast. You’ll also be supporting the local community of farmers, drivers, and all other workers in the supply chain.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal planning can’t get any easier then already knowing what you’re going to eat at least a couple times a week. This saves you time by allowing you to fix a home-cooked meal by putting it on a weekly meal plan schedule. But, these meal kits are always ready to go, so if you’re in a pinch and looking for something simple to whip up, they’re available whenever you are.

Less Food Goes to Waste

Each meal kit is pre-measured, so you’ll receive the precise amount of each ingredient needed to make the meal. This is one way that meal kit services help lower food waste because you won’t have any leftover ingredients. Plus, each kit is made up of a specific serving size, which means you should be able to finish the entire meal and feel full.
Eco-Friendly Solutions With so many people considering the impact of their carbon footprint, meal kits have presented the perfect opportunity to pitch in. Using local ingredients helps the environment because there’s less travel involved, which translates to less burning of fossil fuels. These kits also come in recyclable packaging that you leave at your door to be picked up at the next delivery.

Adjustable to Your Diet

With so many people worried about certain dietary restrictions, meal kits are a godsend. There are a variety of options available that will help you remain gluten-free or stick with a vegan or diabetes-friendly diet. With each meal, you can select from a few different types of protein as an alternative, thereby giving you full control over your eating habits.

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