Do meal kits save money when compared to take-out orders?

In a lot of ways, the United States is very much a “take out” culture. We love to run up to a restaurant or fast food joint, grab a meal, and take it home. Unfortunately, this can quickly add up to an expenditure of hundreds of dollars every month and sometimes every week. Today, we’re going to explain how meal kits save money by allowing you to make your own home cooked meals in thirty minutes or less!

Fewer Restaurant Bills

Everyone knows that saving money is easier when you remove certain activities from the equation. While it never hurts to take the family out to dinner at a restaurant every once in awhile, making it a habit is a great way to burn through a ton of cash. By making more meals at home, which can be done easily with the use of a meal kit, you won’t have to worry about the high prices of a restaurant.

Fewer Fast Food Visits

Even though there are cheap options available in the fast food market, it isn’t unheard of for just two people to spend nearly $20 or more for a single visit. Plus, fast food meals tend to high in calories and filled with ungodly amounts of sodium, grease, and unhealthy ingredients. Not only will you save money by avoiding fast food, you’ll also save on your physical and mental health.

Lower Grocery Store Bills

While grocery shopping can sometimes be an exciting adventure, it’s also a time-consuming chore. Due to various factors that we’ve all been subjected to in recent months, trips to the grocery store are costing us more money than ever. Meal kits save money by cutting down on your number of weekly trips to the grocery store, which — if we’re being honest — almost always includes some impulse purchases.

Reduces Gasoline Usage

As everyone is acutely aware, gasoline prices are out of control and it’ll probably be a while before we get any relief. Even if you live close to a grocery store, several weekly trips can quickly add up to costly fill-ups at the corner gas station. By having meal kits delivered directly to your door, you don’t have to take on the burden of increased fuel prices.

Fewer Ingredients Thrown Out

It’s estimated that households in the United States waste as much as 40% of our food. This is partially because many of us have a tendency to buy more ingredients than we actually need, whether it’s vegetables that spoil before we get a chance to eat them or a large container of a spice that gets used once for a specific meal and then never again. Since meal kits use a precise amount of ingredients and are perfectly portioned, they’ll help you reduce food waste.

Reduces Wasted Leftovers

Leftovers are also a source of waste for many households, in part because of poor meal planning skills. Although many people say they love leftovers, they’re often forgotten about and eventually thrown away. By getting a certain number of perfectly portioned meals per week, you’ll have a much lower chance at having leftovers sitting in the fridge for a week or two.

No Tip for Food Delivery

Getting any type of food delivered to your door can be very exciting, but there are always ancillary expenses involved. Not only may there be a basic delivery charge and/or service fee, but you’ll obviously be expected to tip the delivery person. This is very noble, of course, but all of these things together can quickly make your meal costs skyrocket. Healthy meal kit delivery services are handled by delivery companies where tipping is not customary or expected.

Saved Time = Saved Money

As they say, time is money, which means that meal kits save money by also giving you more time to yourself. Since meal kits typically take 30 minutes or less for meal prep, you’ll have more time to earn money at a job or maybe do a little more gig work. Or, you can use it as a way to get more time with your family, which is priceless.

Better Health Saves Money

Healthy meal kits delivered to your door is a great way to reduce the number of calories that you’re ingesting on any given day. When coupled with exercise and a few simple dietary improvements, you can burn more calories, slim down your waistline, and generally be in better health. This can lead to less money being spent on expensive diet plans, specialty foods, health supplements, etc.

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