If you’re a one person household, are meal kit deliveries good for you?

In the past, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of meal kit delivery services for couples, children, and multi-person families. What we don’t discuss too often, though, is the immense benefits that busy singles can get from meal kits as well. We’ve decided to finally tackle this particular subject by explaining why meal kit delivery is perfect for a single man or woman, too.

Delivered Right to Their Door

Although a single person may not have a child or family to take care of, they can still be very busy because of their careers and other obligations. Getting a certain number of meals per week delivered right to their door is a huge convenience that can make their life a lot easier here and there. They can go about their normal daily routine and be pleasantly surprised whenever a new, healthy meal shows up on their doorstep.

Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store

Single people tend to make multiple trips to the grocery store every week because a new meal will pop into their head. They’ll realize they’re missing an ingredient or two for a meal they’d like to make. While grocery shopping can be fun, it also gets tiring very quickly. Meal kit delivery reduces the number of trips that a single person will need to make to the store each week. This will give them time for other activities.

You Don’t Need to Store Ingredients

Check in the cupboards of any single person or even their fridge and you’re not likely to find a whole lot of stuff. Eating for one person means that stored ingredients will often go to waste. This is often because you don’t eat as much as a three person family would yet you can easily over-buy certain items. Since the meal kits for singles come with their own ingredients except for salt, pepper, and oil, you don’t have to keep a ton of stuff on hand.

Decisions Made By One Person

While it can be a lot of fun to create a meal plan with two or more people, not everyone agrees on what should be eaten with each meal. It’s a lot easier for single people to create a personalized meal plan when they’re the only ones deciding exactly what each lunch or dinner will entail. You can make meal planning even easier by figuring out what you want to eat for the following week which will include meal kits, ready-made dinners, and maybe even a fast food visit.

One Meal Can Be Used for Two

Many single people seem to forego meal kit delivery services because each meal kit is designed with a minimum of two servings. This should definitely be viewed as a positive rather than a negative, however. Whipping up a meal kit that includes two servings means that you can store away half of the dinner and have a second delicious meal the next day or even later in the week.

Learn How to Cook

Everyone knows people living by themselves often tend to cook up very simple meals such as grilling chicken on an indoor grill or cooking up some super-cheap ramen noodles. However, these meals quickly get stale and boring, which can be solved by learning how to cook. Since healthy meal kit delivery services include step-by-step instructions, a single person can learn important cooking skills in a very short period of time.

Produce Less Food Waste

As inferred earlier, it’s very common for a single person to waste a lot of food because items tend to expire before everything can be used up. Meal kits are delivered with what’s referred to as perfect portions, which means each kit includes only the precise ingredients needed to make that particular meal. This leads to much less food waste, which translates to a more efficient use of your money and resources.

Fewer Dishes to Clean Up

Cook up any recipe you find online and there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself with tons of dishes to finish afterwards. That’s because many online recipes don’t really take the enormous number of dishes they require into account. Meal kits, on the other hand, are created in such a way that they only require the bare necessities, which means less clean up and less hassle.

They Can Skip Weeks If Needed

As we’ve said before, one of the best benefits of meal kit delivery is that a single person can choose the number of meals per week that’s delivered to their home. However, a good meal kit company recognizes that a single person or even a multi-person family can sometimes get a little busy. For your convenience, a delivery service will allow you to skip a week as necessary without any penalty whatsoever.

Meals Use Local Ingredients and Support Local Farmers

Single men and women these days, especially those on the younger side, prefer to support local businesses over huge corporations whenever possible. Meal kit deliveries are perfect for this particular goal because they include high-quality, fresh ingredients that come from local vendors. This locally produced food is better for the community and even easier on the environment due to less travel and fewer chemicals.

Supports Dietary Preferences

In addition to watching out for the environment, many young people are watching out for themselves in terms of what they put inside their bodies. Although most people have a cheat day for fast food or sweets, single persons are often concerned with finding products that are gluten-free, low in calories, fit for a vegan diet, etc. Meal kits offer a variety of dietary preferences, particularly the choice of different proteins to fit your dietary concerns and taste preferences.

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