How do local food providers benefit from meal kit delivery services?

If you’re looking for a great way to ease the burden of creating a meal plan each week, then signing up for a meal kit delivery service may be what you need! These meal kits are delicious, easy to make, filled with nutritious ingredients, and are convenient.
What’s even better is that meal kit delivery services work with local food suppliers to deliver the freshest ingredients around. Today, we’re going to take a look at how meal kits support local food providers and vice versa.

How Meal Kits Support Local Food Providers

A reputable meal kit service will incorporate ingredients that come from local food providers. This strategy is beneficial for the meal kit company, the local food suppliers, and consumers who sign up for the subscription service.
Here are some of the ways that these delicious kits support the local community:

Keeps the Farms Going

As you’re aware, many farms across the United States have had a lot of difficulty in recent years. Although agriculture held up during the pandemic better than some other industries, it still saw a small decrease in usage and profits. By purchasing meal skits that use locally produced food, you’re helping to keep farms going strong in your community.

Fewer Scheduling Needs

There are tons of different scheduling needs that farms need to follow to get their food from the farm to your plate. Farmers spend a lot of time working out a very complex delivery schedule, which is often spent finding new customers. With the use of meal kits, they can schedule cultivation, shipment, and delivery much more easily.

Reliable Sales for Farms

In order for a farm to remain successful, it’s imperative that they have a reliable list of clientele. Meal kit delivery services provide a high level of reliability because they’re always in need of a variety of food. This translates to a higher level of financial security for the farmers and their workers. This helps to strengthen the community and keep the farms and supply chain running.

More Support for Workers

Speaking of workers, employees also greatly benefit from meal kit delivery services. In addition to the people who work on the farms themselves, meal kits also benefit workers that provide delivery service, transportation, and other needs that are part of the process. Therefore, these kits are not only helping the farmers themselves but the people who fill many roles throughout the supply chain.

How Local Providers Support Meal Kits

Meal kit delivery companies and local food providers have a sort of symbiotic relationship, meaning that they both benefit each other. This relationship results in delicious meals being sent directly to a consumer’s doorstep. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that local suppliers are providing support to meal kits:

Quick and Easy Delivery

With a meal kit delivery service, meal planning is a lot easier because you’ll receive a weekly delivery right to your door. You can also choose how many number of meals per week that you’ll receive depending on the size of your household or how often you’d like to make a new meal. The delivery service will also pick up your previous packaging when they deliver your next meal kit so that they can recycle it.

High-Quality Ingredients

Local farmers take great pride in providing high-quality ingredients to all of their customers. Since they’re being sent locally, these fresh ingredients will be as tasty and nutritious as possible. In addition to the quality control at the farms, a meal kit company will conduct its own quality check to make sure that everything is up to the highest of standards.

Lower Chemical Usage

Very often, foods like fruits and vegetables are doused with heavy chemicals, some of which can stay with these foods even up to the point where they’ve reached your homeLocally produced food that goes to meal kit delivery services in the community require fewer chemicals and preservatives. This is because they don’t need these things (at least not at such a high level) to stay fresh because they’re not going very far.

Lower Gasoline Usage

Not only is gasoline expensive right now, but burning fossil fuels isn’t great for the planet. Less travel is involved when dealing with local suppliers, which means that fewer fossil fuels will be burned. This is a great way to help lower our carbon footprint and keep toxic chemicals from entering our air because of long delivery trips across the country.

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